Northumberland Raynet is part of the UK National Raynet organisation. RAYNET is an acronym for the Radio Amateurs Emergency Network which was established following the East coast flooding of 1953.  The objective is to make use of the skills and equipment of the Radio Amater community, to provided communication in the event of an emergency or disaster. m3lxp Of course thankfully disaster and emergencies that require these resources happen rarely, but our people would not be able to operate in such circumstances without some form of experience. So what we do is to provide comunication for events such a walks, running events, endurance GB horse events, bike rides e.t.c which are excercises in communication that develop skills in a communication network. Have we ever had to support an emergency or disaster? Our group joined the large Raynet team which supported the recovery operations in Lockerbie when PAN-AM 103 came down. There are many example Nationally where Raynet has supported emergency and disaster operations and there are similar schemes worldwide. For more information see the National Raynet Site

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