Do you organise events in communities from Newcastle to the Scottish Borders? Could our radio communication capabilities provide some safety cover for your event?

Great North Bike Ride 2015

Raynet has provided safety cover for the Great North Bike Ride, for the Endurance GB Hexham Trophy, for the Hadrian Hike, for the Long Distance Walkers 100 mile walk in Northumberland and for other walks, runs, cycles and events that take place over a wide area.

So you have mobile phones, why do you need any more?  Well recent experience in northern Northumberland where several check points could not talk to each other because mobile phone coverage was unreliable, would indictate that relying on moblle phone communication may be flawed. This is not just an issue in north Northumberland but can sometimes be a problem even in Newcastle.  As well, in a Raynet communications net, usually all of the Raynet operators can hear all the communications traffic, and often that can be overheard by the event marshals that you have organised or it can be easily relayed by the Raynet operator.  So the marshals feel better informed and more aware of the event progress instead of being out there in isolation on a checkpoint.

Endurance GB Hexham Trophy 2015

For the event organiser located at the event control centre, a Raynet co-located operator can transmit general information messages to all outstations as one communication - try doing that with mobile phones, especially in north Northumberland. As well the organiser can hear any communication traffic between outstations where this is needed.


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